District Man Sentenced to 37 Months in Prison For Federal Firearms Offenses

District Man Sentenced to 37 Months in Prison  For Federal Firearms Offenses

            WASHINGTON – Anthony Glenmore, 39, of Washington, D.C., was sentenced today to 37 months in prison and 36 months’ supervised release for possession of a loaded firearm and ammunition, announced U.S. Attorney Matthew M. Graves, Acting Chief Pamela Smith, of the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD), and Special Agent in Charge Craig Kailimai of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives.

            Glenmore pleaded guilty in April 2023.  According to court documents, on December 17, 2022, in the 2000 block of Georgia Avenue, Northwest, MPD officers, patrolling in a marked police vehicle, saw Glenmore walking south toward U Street, carrying a camouflaged backpack. The officers pulled alongside the defendant, rolled down the car window and asked the defendant if he had a gun in the backpack. The defendant denied that he had a gun and, when asked a second time, started walking away at a fast pace. One of the police officers then called out to the defendant, exited the vehicle, and started chasing the defendant who began running away. As the officer was chasing the defendant, he yelled for the defendant to drop the gun. The defendant then dropped the backpack which the officer picked up as the defendant tried to scale a building. When the officer unzipped the backpack he saw a firearm and wallet which contained the defendant’s identification.

            The recovered firearm (Black, Intrac Arms, HS2000) contained 9-millimeter ammunition and had 14 rounds in a magazine that had the capacity to hold 16 rounds.

            The defendant has been detained since December 17, 2022.

            This case was investigated by the MPD and ATF as part of Project Safe Neighborhoods.

            It was prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorney Shehzad Akhtar.

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